Sunday, August 22, 2010

Our garden is going gangbusters!!!

Have I told you how much I love gardening!! Well,
I do!! I know I've said this before, but it's like Christmas
for me. I love walking out to my garden and discovering
veggies that have changed or sprouted. It's so stinkin' cool!!!
So here's what we have so far. Actually, these pictures were
taken about a week ago & we now have cucumbers, bell
peppers, more broccoli, more cauliflower, and some ripe

Radishes...can't wait to taste them!!

Cauliflower...we already ate this one...soooo yummy!

Snap peas & green beans. Yes, I know they're actually
purple...but they turn green when you cook them. They
are beautiful on the bush!!

All these carrots were twisted around each other!
But, they tasted great!!

Here's some more normal ones :)

This is the cauliflower all grown up :) Right
before I harvested it!

Broccoli right before I harvested it. My parents
got this one and said it was & all.

More broccoli...we now have about 10 this size!!
Can't wait to try them!!

We have about 10 voluntary tomato plants from
years past. Most of them are cherry tomatoes. We
didn't plant any cherry tomatoes at all this year. I
picked about 10 yesterday. They are delicious!! One
of my favorites!

These are heirloom beans. They're HUGE!! The biggest
one I picked was probably a foot & a half long and
about 2 inches thick. They were very tastey...but very
stringy. I'll probably just take the beans out next time
and feed the pods to the bunnies. They really liked them.
By the way, our bunnies are in heaven...they get all the left
overs...carrot tops, beans, squash, mmmmmmmm!!!

Squash, carrots, & 3 types of green beans.

If you haven't done a garden really should!
It's so much fun! You don't have to have an awesome
green thumb or have a very big space. It's so gratifying &
helps with the grocery bill!!! If you have any questions or
need help starting your garden, let me know and I'd love
to talk gardening with you!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Faves...Just some stuff I like

I know it's been ages since I've done Friday Faves!
So, here's a new one. I haven't really window shopped
on Etsy in a long time. It's probably a good thing,
because there was some cute stuff!! Here are a few things
I really like!!!