Sunday, December 12, 2010

Annual Christmas Gift List...

Here's what you've been waiting for all year!!
Our annual Christmas Gift List!!! I have selected
some great handmade gift ideas & they're
inexpensive too. Check out these great shops &
their creators!! You can click on each title to go
directly to their shops.

I asked each shop to answer these questions so
we can get to know them a little better...
Thanks so much!! I'll send you a link when it's posted!!

1. Your favorite crafty tool...can't live without!
2. Your favorite color
3. Favorite Christmas memory or Christmas gift
4. First Car
5. Tea or coffee
6. Bonus Question: Favorite Movie or Book

My Little Chickadee Creations

1. That's a tough one...this sounds boring but my fave tool
is my paint and brushes :-) I can't live without them :-)
2. My fave color changes depending on my mood but I must
say I tend to cherish red, which you can see in my red kitchen :-)
3. A red Chevy Cavalier
4. Coffee please!
5. My all time fave movie is E.T. I have wonderful memories
of seeing it in the theater when I was young. My fave book is
My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult.
Ellie Jacobson, the head chick :-)
My Little Chickadee Creations

RADCOW Leatherworks

1. exacto knife
2. orange
3. Elvis' "Blue Christmas" on the tape player in the 70s cube van on Christmas eve morn going to the farmers market to get a tree and a fresh fish because that is how we roll.
4.My first and only car is a bicycle.
5. coffee in the morning, tea the rest of the day.
6.favorite book right now: Small is possible by Lyle Estill
favorite movie: waking life

Fruit Fly

1. My favorite tool of all is a ceramic cleaning tool,
it is hard to describe but here is one listed here on Ebay:
Funny thing is I only own one of them and I don't know
what I would do if it ever got lost. This tool is a godsend.
2. Orange and yellow
3. That would be a bread machine from my hubby 12
years ago. Being vegan I make a lot of foods from scratch
and a bread machine comes in handy when I don't have time
to kneed the dough. Now if only they come in the color orange
that would be perfect.
4. 85 Nissan Sentra
5. Coffee is a must, pipping hot with nothing added to it,
sure is pure bliss.
6. Bonus Question: Favorite Movie or Book: Favorite book is
Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill and my favorite movie is
the My Name Is Earl TV series, it is something I like to watch
while I work and it just makes me laugh and be happy and for
some reason I just never get bored of it.

Handy Maiden

1.) I'd have to say toothpicks for my favorite crafy tool.
I use them a lot in sculpting and it's also how I get some
of the finer details on my pieces.
2.) I don't have a favorite color, though there are color
combinations that I love. Plum & lime, red & seafoam,
grey & yellow, pale orange & navy blue are all color
combinations I can't live without.
3.) When I was really little, my grandma use to put a
million boxes of tinsel on the tree every year. My sister
and I woke up before all the adults on year (3:00am or so)
and pulled all the tinsel off the tree and decorated all the
floors in house with it. The grown-ups weren't too happy
about it (tinsel is like Easter grass in that you'll still find
pieces of it hiding in your carpet years later. VERY hard to
get rid of) My sister & I loved it though. The whole house was
5.) Coffee, hands down. My husband is coffee obsessed so
we always have really good coffee around. I love chai tea &
English breakfast tea too.
6.) It's so hard to choose one! I'll say Holidays on Ice by David
Sedaris, in fitting with the season.

Maya Bella

1. There are so many things to choose from I cant craft
without but I would have to say my Grandmas pair of vintage
Gingher scissors. I do a lot of cutting and they are alway by
my side.
2. Lavender- its just such a calm happy color. I had a guy
in collage tell me he associated me with the color lavender.
Odd but nice.
3. When I was a kid we always had to wait for my dad to have
his tea and take a shower before we could go down and open
presents. So my mom started bring up our stocking to keep us
from loosing our minds with anticipation. It ended up being my
favorite part of Christmas morning and now we do it with our kids
and they love it as much.
4. The Silver Bullet- 1991 Plymouth Colt. I put 100,000 miles on
that car and got 10 people in it once for 29 cent cheeseburger
night a McDonald's.
5.Coffee but I try tea every so often because it is better for you.
But I just love me a warm cup o joe.
6. For strictly entertainment only, movie and book would both be
all the Harry Potters. I have read the book series through 5 times.
It just takes me to a happy place. :)
But overall the Bible. I could not make it through this life without it. :)

Little Hibou Shoppe

1. I really like my Martha Stewart bone folder, for
pre-scoring cardstock!
3.Getting together for a meal with other friends who
couldn’t make it “home for Christmas”. The warmth and
laughter still resonates years later.
4. Blue ’88 Pontiac Firefly
5.Coffee (Tall non-fat half-sweet dark cherry mocha)
6.Pride and Prejudice

Ten Things Jewelry

1. Scissors..I'm always looking for 'my' scissors...
everyone likes to use 'mine'
2. It's a toss up between aqua and pink
3. Every year, since the first year we met, my husband
takes me { and now two kids} to Balboa Island to see the
Boat Parade of LIghts {over 20 years now}
4. An ugly blue Buick Regal
5. Both! Coffee every morning, followed by lots and lots
of hot and cold tea all day
6. Eat, Pray, Love

Gr0glmann's Retro Classy Cufflinks

1. My Dremel drill press! It's invaluable to my work.
2. Black, but red if we get technical; I do love working
with bold colors and combinations though.
3. My favorite gift: see #1, my parents got it for me a few
years ago and that got me jump-stared on my business.
4. A hand-me-down silver Ford Contour. It was a beater but
I loved it and it lasted me forever... until I got another
hand-me-down! I've gone through a few cars but I always keep
the license plate in memory of it.
5. I love both. I've been trying a lot of new tea lately though and
have fallen in love with pomegranate black tea so I may have
to go with that.
6. A big fan himself, my dad introduced me to The Matrix
when I was younger. Being a computer programmer I guess it
was appropriate that I got really into the trilogy.

Dell Cove Spice

1. Leather working tools, grilling tongs and the
spice mill. (can't pick just one!)
2. Deep, dark red.
3.Getting a full train set as a child. seeing it set up
under the tree that morning was something i'll never forget.
4. 1970 Nova
5. Tea
6. Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance

Pink Mouse

1. Scissors – seems like I use scissors for every craft I get into.
2.Today – green, tomorrow who knows.
3. The year we had Christmas in desert of Oman was extra special.
My parents from Texas joined us that year and we all took amazing
day trips around the country of Oman during their short stay.
We even picked out a real Christmas pine tree. The trees had been
specially flown in from Europe for the expat community. We had no
glam ornaments for the tree that year, instead we let the kids do
popcorn garland, candy canes and paper ornaments.
Christmas dinner was also a wonderful experience. My British
friends joined us and contributed to the cooking by making Christmas
Pudding and a great lamb roast. We topped off the meal with
Christmas Crackers!
4.A Red Dodge Colt with a standard shift
5. Cream tea or iced tea with lemon
6. My husband and I write movie scripts, so I must say I am partial
to our script “Safe Haven”. We put a bit ourselves and a lot of our
daughter in the characters of this script. “Safe Haven” has been
entered into a writer’s competition, you can get more info on it and
vote for it here
This is more info on the Milner/Milner writing team at

Oh, Little Rabbit

1. I guess I'd have to say one of my favorite crafty tools
would be a micron. I love micron pens! But honestly I love
pretty much every crafty tool out there! (:
2. My husband thinks green is the best color, and I guess
I would have to say coral is probably my the
moment anyway!
3. My favorite Christmas gift was a hamster from my parents
when I was little. They are such cute little things!
4. My first car was a 67 mustang with the original pony interior.
It was white and teal and so beautiful! It was my grandmothers
and she passed it onto me when I turned 16. I was so lucky!
I love that car.
6. Hmmmmm....I love the cronicals of Narnia, so that series is
probably my favorite collection of books.


1. Cutting wheel and crochet hook. This are essential
to my craft making. But I ♥ Fabulous Fabric!
2. Color? Hummmm Today I ♥ blues and greens!! ohh Browns too!
3. The Christmas season is the Best, especially with babies!
Mine are one and three! Soo much fun!
4. Don’t remember what my first car was, but it was UGLLLY!
But I had a lot of great memories driving around with my friends!
5. Tea with Chinese but Coffee is a must everyday!!
6. Dirty Dance is a fav. But I ♥ Girl, Interrupted

Quilt Petaler

1. Rotary cutters! whoever envented them was a genius!
2. Icey blues to a soft lavender
3. We always opened gifts on Christmas eve after my Dad
finished milking. One year he was taking forever and finally
slipped in quietly. when we were about done with our gifts
he said he ran into Santa on his way in from the barn and
had told him to just leave the gifts on the back porch. We ran
out to find a new sled for all of us! Years later I learned that
the reason he had taken so long to fome in from milking was
because he had the sleds hidden in the top of the barn and
had to retrieve them and carry them up to the house without
us seeing him :)
4. An old chevy pickup that broke down alot but eventually with
all the repairs it was like brand new again and I learned alot
about vehicles
5. Neither, I don't like to drink anything hot.
6. My favorite book is Love comes softly by Jeanett Oke I can
identify with with the characters attempts at making bread!

BoCo Baby

1. Most used tool I can't live without are big sharp scissors.
2. My color of choice for most things is a hot pink with
deep magenta tones.
3. As a child we would gather at the bottom of the stairs
together and walk up to our living room where a fire was
roaring in the fireplace, Time Life Christmas classics was
playing on the stereo and each kid had their own coach with
4. My first car was a 1986 blue Toyota Land Cruiser, the kind
that looked like a box on wheels.
5. Coffee, everyday. Most days twice, busy days 3 times!
6. Favorite movie: legally blonde
Favorite book: way of the peaceful warrior by Dan millman

Medium Control Goods

1. x-acto knife
2. matte black
3. snowboarding by getting pulled by our horses
4. 5hp go cart
5. tea
6. Ishmael, daniel quinn


1. pink and mint green.
2. Fiat Punto.
3. Cofee and lots of it!!!
4. Favorite movie is "Notting Hill" and my favorite book is "hundred years of solitude"
by Gabriel Garsia Marqes".

Steampunk Studios

We’re a family run studio located in the beautiful San Francisco
bay area and we’re all about art, art, art!! Handmade for both the
sophisticated collector and mainstream lovers of modern fashion.
We take pride in our work and wake up every day just as excited
as the next to create, share and provide high quality work to our
valued customers.

Laurali Designs

Hello, my name is Laurie and welcome to my shop of fun
personlized jewelry and much more. God has given me
this awesome gift of creativity. I am inspired by all the
lovely people in my life. I couldn't ask for a better job,
as it gives me the chance to share my talents with folks
all over the world for the 10 years now! Please visit my
other sites:

Mama K's

I'm a mama of 2 little ones living in Seattle, WA.
I started this whole crazy play clay thing while pregnant
with my second baby. I was making it so often for my
eldest daughter and her friends, and getting so much good
feedback I thought why not put it out there and see what
happens? So here I am, fledgling play clay maven of Etsy bringing
my yummy smelling play clay to the whole wide world!

Just in time for your last minute shopping!!
Hope you enjoy checking out everybody's amazing
items & hope you can find just the right thing for
your loved ones...or yourself :) If you haven't before,
you really should think about buying handmade!!
Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas & a very
special time with your loved ones this holiday season!!
And don't forget... Sweet Willo May's & Pois Doux
for more handmade gifts!!