Advertise with Yates Updates

There are several ways to advertise with Yates Updates

You can purchase a 125x125 button. The cost is $60 for the year and you need to have a paypal account.
Just email me and I’ll contact you.
***An etsy mini 1x1 thumbnail can also be used as a button.

Etsy Page:
There is an entire page dedicated to etsy mini’s.
If you are an seller and would like your etsy mini up on this page, the cost is $75 for the year and you also need to have a papypal account.
Email me with your etsy mini code and I’ll get in contact with you.
***The etsy mini must be the thumbnail size and 3x3.
If you are not a member of, but would like to have a bigger advertisement than the button on the front page. You can also email me and we can work something out for something similar, for the etsy mini page.

Featured Ad Of The Week:
In my weekly recommendations there will be a featured ad of the week. You can use your etsy mini here as well (thumbnail 2x2) or you can make a 175x175 square. The cost is $10 to have your ad in the featured spot from Sunday to Sunday. You need to have a paypal account. Email your etsy mini or square button to me and I’ll contact you.