Friday, July 25, 2014

I'm Baaaaaack!!!

Hello everybody,
I've been away for a very very long time! I took a long break from blogging, because I just didn't have time & maybe didn't have inspiration much either. But, now I'm back!
Since my last post, I have had another beautiful girl. She's now 1 1/2 & keeps us on our toes!! More on her another time.
I'm back because I have started collaborating on another blog with some friends & co-leaders from my church. It has inspired me once again. I will be sharing things from that blog too when it is up and running.
I will be doing things a little differently this time. There will still be fun pictures & family updates & maybe some recipes, but I will also be doing some writing & hoping to inspire & share some things God is doing in my life & those around me.
I feel I really need to take time to inspire, rather than complain or brag or whatever it is we do on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the like. Not that I'm criticizing those things…just taking a step back to really look at what I'm contributing to the world as it changes dramatically. 

Just think back to a few years ago…when we didn't have all those things. It's hard to do. It feels like they've been here all along.
Social media is tricky for me. While I love staying connected with people I don't get to see very often, getting to watch their kids grow & fun things they are doing. It really does feel special to be able to share those moments, even if they are from far away & even if I'm not really there. But, I have these moments when social media totally infuriates me. I'm sure you've all been there. 
I had a thought the other day…as I was talking to my preteen daughter about why she can't have a cellphone yet…I was telling her that one of the many reasons is because I want her to be able to connect with her friends face to face. I want her to be able to read body language & actually lol…ha! Another reason is because of what it could potentially let in. I'm not just talking inappropriate things on the internet, I'm talking about who & what she allows to speak into her life. And then it hit me…what am I allowing to speak into my life? What am I allowing into my home, my sanctuary, the place my family lives & breathes & grows? A lot of it is positive & good & a lot of it is NOT! 
Part of my point with my daughter was that this type of media allows a lot of opinions & judgements in that can seriously mess with your head. A lot of things that can change the way you think about yourself. Things that God never intended for you to think or believe. Not just from the "bullies", but from "friends & family".  And that, especially right now in her life, is a big deal.
We feel so free to say whatever we want on the internet. We rarely bother to censor ourselves. I mean it's one thing if you're with a friend talking & you say something hurtful…you are there face to face…you can read their face…know, almost immediately, that those words didn't sit well. But, online…not so much. We blast & we're done, with no consequences or responsibility. I know you've all probably had those days when you get on Facebook & some political thing is blowing up & people are opinion-ing all over the place. And you just want to reach through the computer & shake them (or worse). And it really doesn't matter what side you are on…we've all had those days. My thought on this was that I'm allowing these things to make me angry & allowing them to ruin a perfectly good day. I'm starting to resent these people & roll my eyes every time they post something. THAT IS JUST WRONG!!! 
I believe God put me on this earth to show His love to people & how can I do that when I think they're so freaking stupid (a phrase I use in my head when said posts make me crazy). 
I guess I'm evaluating how much these media outlets are effecting the way I feel & think so much that I can't really love. Now, that doesn't mean that I have to agree with everyone & get on board with their craziness. But, it does change how I operate on said media…or it should. I mean, I'm bad enough when driving!! I don't see, those people, in those cars, slowing me down, cutting me off, just plain being stupid, as human. So, how do I see people 1,000 miles away behind some screen?
Anyway, all these questions may not make me bail from social media all together, but I'm hoping they will change how I do them. And I'm hoping maybe to inspire some of you to think these things through a little too.

So, one addition to this blog…a little challenge:
The challenge for this month…….wait for it….

To do something positive or inspirational on Facebook, Twitter or whatever social media of your choice!!
 I know, that was anticlimactic!! But, I think important.
Go public with your touchy feely moments…share how God is moving in your life…share how awesome your spouse is, or best friend is…share something one of your kids did that was maybe small, but an awesome heart thing…share how a coworker made your day. I know a lot of you already do things like this…but I just want to challenge us to get real-er (I know…it's more real) & less critical, of ourselves & each other. Share something that someone did for you that just made your day. Or give a huge thank you to someone or encourage someone. 
Now, I know some of us see Facebook or whatever as a place where we post lives that we wish we had…but I want to go beyond that & post the small things. Especially the encouragement part!!
Ok, so I've gone on way way way longer than planned…so I'll let you rest your eyes, if you haven't stopped reading yet!!
I hope you have a wonderful day & that God reaches into your life today in a new way!
Until next time...