Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pet Peeves...

So, I'm a little stressed out these days...packing!!!
Which makes me kind of grumpy & everything that
bothers me is like 10 times worse than normal. So,
in honor of my grumpy mood, I thought I'd share my
top ten pet peeves as of late.
1. Marketers who change the words to a perfectly good
song into cheesy crap for their commercial.
2. The Charlie Sheen train wreck-apalooza...need I say more!!??
3. People who don't signal, who slow down when
changing lanes, who talk on their phones & text while
driving (and I'm not just saying that to get on the Hollywood
band wagon, everytime someone sucks on the road...they're
on their phone), people who practically cause an accident
& then flip you off, people who refuse to let you in, and just
people in general acting like no one else is on the road.
4. When my coupons expire.
5. Tripping over boxes, in the middle of the night, on my way
to the bathroom. Can't wait to have a master bathroom!!!
6. The fact that my children can use 100 band aids a week &
not one wrapper or those plastic tabs can make it to the trash.
7. My noisy neighbors...who can't figure out how to talk in a
normal voice & who decide to chop wood at 9:30PM, right
under my kids' window.
8. People who speak super loud on their phones in little coffee
shops or restaurants! This also applies to people who are being
rung up or served & they act like no one is there, chatting away...
so rude!!!

9. The bank who didn't fix the water leak in our new home &
now we have to tear out a wall & a cabinet & spend money
that was designated for paint & a kitchen sink. I need a kitchen
sink people!! Since we are officially house poor, I have to cook
every night, which means lots of dishes & our current sink only
hold about 4 cups & it's chipped.
10. And my number one biggest pet peeve is....drum roll...