Monday, July 11, 2011

The newest member of our family...KIKO

This is the newest member of our little family.
I have never had a dog, and my husband hasn't
had one since highschool. So, this is a very new
experience for me!! We've had a bit of a bumpy
start...injured knee & a parasite (all the dog, not
us :)) But, above all...we love her!!!

She is an American Bulldog...related to English &
French bulldogs without the short legs & super squished
face. Although she does have some awesome doggy lips!!
We rescued her from a local shelter & feel good that we
can give her a loving home!!
We named her Kiko, which means "spot" in Hawaiian.
The one big spot on her head is almost perfectly round
& we felt it was a cute name for her.

She's super sweet, loves to be petted almost more than
anything else, rarely barks or makes noise, loves the girls,
listens pretty well (still a puppy though), and is just all
around a great dog!!!

We're trying to teach her to love the water...notice we said's not her fave. But, she's getting better (almost
jumped in on her own last week) She'll get on the step &
loves running around the pool when the girls are playing.
Mostly we're trying to get her to exercise in the water since
it's too hot to walk her & because it's good for her knee.
Anyway, we love our Kiko & she's a great new addition :)

And as you can see...she loves to nap with daddy :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wow, I've been a horrible blogger!!!

So you all know we moved & life has been crazy!
I have so much bloggy catching up to do!!!
Let's start with my mother's day presents to my mom &
mother-in-law. We wanted to make something special that
the girls and I could both contribute to & something that they
could use & keep for a long time.
So, we decided on an embroidered table runner. I let the girls
draw whatever pics they wanted & then I embroidered their
drawings. Through this project I discovered how much I love
embroidering! It was therapeutic just like crocheting & knitting
is for me.
Anyway, here are some of the drawings they did. Super cute!