Thursday, February 24, 2011

My 6 year old's Rocker Party Part 1

It was so much fun!!! Here's what I did...
Eye Make Up: purchased a BH Cosmetic palette &
recruited my sister in law & cousin to apply everyone's
make up.
Hair: purchased colored hair spray from Party City, rubber
bands & bobby pins. I did all the hair & it was a teasing &
spraying good time!!!
Nails: We had every color possible & a few of the thinner
accent polishes!! Super cool! recruited my mom & mother-
in-law for this one. They always do my girls' nails when they
come They did a great job!!
Temporary Tattoos: purchase "rocker" ones from Oriental
Trading Co. Kenzie was so cute...she wanted to do them. So,
after she got her make up done (I had done their nails the
night before & their hair before the party) she walked around
giving everyone tattoos!
Party Favors: Basically I just gave them jelly bracelets & star
silly bandz & these rubber spike bracelets I found on Oriental.
Cake: I made cupcakes (gluten free of course), butter cake
recipe, regular vanilla frosting & colored all the frosting &
bought super bright colored cupcake liners. I also found great
melting chocolate colors at my local cake decorating store & a
star mold & made super cool chocolate stars for the tops of the
The whole thing was really fun & I would totally do it again!!!
The kids seemed to have a great time too. We also had some tunes
on & brought out the Wii incase anyone got bored. Here's all the pics...

This is one of my favorite 3 year olds & he had to take off
his shirt because "Rock stars don't wear shirts" Awesome!!

Check out part 2...couldn't fit in all the pics :)
Part 2

Part 2 of the rocker extravaganza

Daddy & the birthday girl!! That's their angry rocker face :)

Possibly our Christmas card next year :)

Me & my rocker girl!!

Our awesome rocker girl!!! Can't believe she's 6!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bowling In Big Bear

One of the activities we did, to keep the girls busy, was
bowling! In Big Bear they have a place called the Bowling
Barn. Everytime we go up there, we talk about going, but
haven't. So, we finally went. We don't really have any places
left in San Diego...and the one place is never open due to leagues.
It bums me out 'cause this is a great family activity!!
There wasn't a whole lot of snow on the ground, so we had
to get creative for entertainment purposes. We also took them
to the club house & played air hockey, ping pong, basket ball
& they also played on the play ground. I'll post our snowboarding
adventures in the next post!!
Sorry these pics aren't that great...I only had my phone with me :)

Hannah did great, but after realizing how hard
it was, she asked for the bumpers :)

Kenz actually beat us all!! The first game she rolled
the ball between her legs & the second game she
decided that she wanted to do it "right". The funniest
thing was that her ball went super slow!! I think the
slowest clocked in at 2.08 MPH. This one touched the
pins & then stopped rolling & I think rolled back a little.
We were laughing so hard!!! Hilarious & cute!!! She also
had some great moves...including lifting her leg...hilarious!!

And my dad...he beat us the second round :) I won't
even tell you what my score was. We determined that we
are way better at Wii bowling :)