Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Holy Move Batman

I know I've haven't blogged in several months
and I was starting to have withdrawls. We moved
from San Diego to Murrieta in March & our lives
have been crazy busy. This is our very first home
and we're loving it! As those of you who own homes keeps you very busy. Our house needs a little
TLC and we've been working really hard to get
everything done we can...especially on the outside
of the house before it gets too hot. Here are the pics
of all the before's and what we've been doing...

Back of the house
We have a lot of yard work ahead!!

Guest Bathroom
There was some water damage that happened during
our out came some walls, tile & the sink.
Didn't get very many pics of the "before" we tore our
the sink...sorry!

Great little kitchen!

Dining Room
Well, we chose to make this our dining room.
It actually supposed to be a family room, but it
didn't really make sense in the flow of the house.
So, we have a fire place in the dining room :)

Living Room/Entry
Great space...feels huge compared to our apartment!!
This is the day we came to clean & work on the leak
problem...a week before we moved in.

The office/craft room
Oh yes, I got a room for crafting. I'm so excited!!!

The girl's bedroom

The girl's playroom
We decided instead of giving them each their own
rooms, we would give them a playroom. One of my
biggest pet peeves is seeing their room with toys
everywhere. This was actually an bonus room, because
we were only looking for a 3 bedroom. We were blessed
to get this house with 4 rooms! The girl's complained at
first (not having their own rooms) but they are now very
happy to have a place to play & do homework!!

Our bedroom
Love it! We have our own bathroom, a great closet & some
more room! Feels huge to us :)

Here is some furniture that I'm planning to make over
as part of our house decor.

I inherited my grandmother's dining set...and we love it!
I plan to paint & recover these chairs. Can't wait 'til
they're done!

Old folding trays for our master bedroom night stands.

Got this from our old neighbors a few days before we moved.
Wasn't sure what I was going to use it for, but now I'm
making it into an entryway bench/shelving/hook thingy.
It's gonna get a coat of paint & a little make over.

We've had this armoire for a long time! Since we first got married.
I plan to make it a part of our entryway & paint it.

The last thing I wanted to share today was some pics of a little nest
that showed up on our patio. We were so excited to see these little
birds building a couple of weeks after we moved in. About two weeks
later we had these little guys...

Aren't they cute!! Well, there will be more to come soon.
We're making progress & I'll be posting more soon.

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