Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fun Party Idea!!!

My youngest is turning 6 in a couple of weeks
and we had a really fun party idea for her. I
thought it would be fun to share that idea &
see if any of you have any great party ideas to share
with my readers!! Or any suggestions for our party idea.
She wanted to do a make-over party, but we have boys
coming & needed to do something to include them :)
So, we decided to do a rocker make-over party.
Faux-hawks, colored hair spray & crazy make up,
here we come!! Here are some of the ideas that we are
going to include in our party fun!
Crazy eye make up:

This one is so fun! I ended up purchasing a large
BH cosmetics eye shadow palette. I felt that this would
be the cheapest way to get all those colors. They are
having a Valentine's Day sale right now, so go check it
out...even cheaper :) The picture above is the one we
purchased. Here are some of our eye shadow faves...

...and something like this for the boys...a little "Kiss"-ish

Crazy Hair:

We will be purchasing the colored hair spray at
Party City. It's the cheapest there & I found that
It's about the same price online, but plus shipping.
We'll be doing all kinds of crazy things. Kenz is doing
a faux hawk, Hannah's doing some crazy faux hawk/pony
tail, & I'm not sure what I'm doing yet...but we'll just
spray and tease & make some crazy fun hair!! Here's
some ideas:

Crazy Nails:
So, we may not go this far, but I thought these were cool.

Party Favors:

I'm having a hard time with this one, because,
well, I'm cheap & don't want to spend too much money.
Plus, I like giving some sort of handmade something. Not
everything has to be handmade, but it's just something I
wanted to add. It may be a little ambitious, especially since
we're I may scrap that!
I decided to do star & music silly bandz, a cool plastic
spike bracelets I found at oriental trading co. (pictured above),
temp. tattoos, & jelly bracelets. I may do one other thing,
but not sure what yet. Any ideas??? We are having around 20
kids, so no more than $1/favor!!

Mackenzie wants cupcakes, so I'm doing a GF white/yellow cake &
a basic buttercream frosting colored all kinds of bright colors. (similar
to the above cupcakes) And then we're making different bright
colored chocolate stars for the tops. I'm super excited about these!!
More fun ideas & pictures:

Would love to do these fun lip colors...if I can find some cheap
ones I'll do this too.
A great blog about hair & make up is called Miss Chievious. She
does video tutorials & has some really cool, fun ideas!! Here's one
of her makeup ideas that I might do for myself...well either this one
or another green I really liked on her blog :)

We're also having some rockin' tunes for them to dance to. We
just have to pick out what we're going to wear & clean the house :)
If you have any bright ideas...please share them with us! The party
isn't for another 2 weeks, so I would love more ideas!!! Also, share
your awesome party ideas & I'll pick one & write a post about it!!

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