Monday, August 20, 2012

We're having a baby!!!

Well, I haven't posted anything since February! Things have just been crazy...but I thought this would be a great excuse to get back to blogging.
Yes, we are having a baby girl in January! We can hardly believe it! We keep going back & forth from being over the moon to moments of "Holy Crap, what are we gonna do!!??"
First of all, I haven't done this in 7 years. Being pregnant again is a mixed bag of excitement & being really miserable! I haven't felt all that great, with morning sickness, major fatigue & some other not so pleasant side effects I won't go into in mixed company!
Our girls are so excited! It was a really cool experience to take them to the ultrasound! One of the perks of having older kiddos is that they get to experience everything with us. Well, another is that they are great helpers!! They have been serious troopers in all of this...especially when mommy doesn't feel good or is super cranky!
But, overall we are super excited to meet this little baby girl & we're anxious to see who she looks like, what kinda hair she's gonna have (we have a variety in our little family :) ),  what her name will be (still have to decide that), & just how God is going to bless us through her!

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