Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Challenge #7: Gluten Free Pancakes

Every time I would try to make pancakes, they would turn out

gummy or super thin and tough. Couldn’t get it right. And then

my dad...who’s a great cook...started making them and they

were awesome. Well, I can’t rely on my dad to make pancakes

every Saturday for us...so I needed to do it all on my own. I

used the same recipe as my dad (Bette Hagman’s buttermilk/

buckwheat pancakes) Well, I realized one thing I wasn’t doing

in all the other recipes that was the problem...whipped egg

whites. And I love the flavor of the buckwheat flour!!!

Challenge #6: Gluten Free Pancakes

Goal: Fluffy, light, yummy pancakes for

Saturday mornings

Results: Yay!!! This is the second time I’ve

make these this way and I’m never going back!!!

They turned out exactly the way I wanted them too

and everybody loved them. mmmmmm...I wanna

make some right now :) And as you can see I did

something a little different with the wet ingredients.

Instead of dirtying another big bowl...I took a large

canning jar and shook ‘em up!! It worked great and

I only had a little jar to clean when I was done. And

I didn’t dirty a spoon mixing it up. Easy peasy!!!

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