Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Challenge #8: The Gluten Free French Baguette

Bread is a huge source of contention for most people avoiding gluten!!

I for one was so determined to find a bread that I liked. Didn’t really

find it in the stores, even though we have a lot to choose from. I was

really starting to think that there just wasn’t any good gluten free

bread...until one day I made the perfect loaf. Crisp on the outside,

soft and tender on the inside. Not crumbly and dense and just plain

gross!! I was so excited! Could I do it again...yes, the perfect

combination of a good recipe and some tricks up my baker’s sleeve.

Then I decided I would try for a baguette type of bread. I made a

couple that were ok. But, I was still in search of the holy grail of bread.

Here is my adventure...

Challenge #8: Gluten Free French Baguette

Goal: Simple: make a bread that tastes good,

but also has the texture of “real” bread. Crisp on

the outside, soft and tender on the inside.

Result: Start the Hallelujah Chorus!!!!! I have

made the perfect, yummy, Holy Grail of bread

people!!! I actually made it because my daughter

had an evening game and we needed something for

a picnic dinner. I thought I’d make some “baguette”

style bread to make yummy sub sandwiches. I had

never tried this recipe before, so I was a little

nervous. But, boy was it delicious!!! Since I literally

made it and used it right before her game, I didn’t

get a chance to take a I had to make it

again. But, first of all it was delish and I didn’t mind

eating it again, second, I wanted to see if I could

duplicate it. I don’t know what it is about me, but

sometimes I make a recipe for the first time and it

comes out divine, and then I try making it a second

time and it flops. Not sure what that’s about...but

this one worked!!!

As far as the recipe goes...Bette Hagman is the Bomb

when it comes to bread recipes!!!! I have not found

better recipes than her’s...and believe me I’ve tried

them all!!!! I do have a few little secrets to my

success, but if you are looking to make great, baked,

gluten free recipes, Bette is the one to go to!!! Enough talking.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves...

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