Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Beginning of Summer

So we're officially two weeks into our summer and we're having
a great time. I have spent the last week trying to figure out
how to plan my weeks with the girls (I know it's a little late).
I didn't really want to do themes every week, although I think
it's a great idea!! I'm not great with sticking to a schedule for
that long. I may change my mind half way through the week.
I did have some things I wanted to do often or every week,
& wanted to do something fun & cute, just wasn't sure how I
was going to organize it all. Well, a little time and research on
the internet...let me just take this time to say, I think I'm a better
parent because of the internet :) Of course there were a lot smarter
& more creative moms than me...and thank goodness they came up
with some super ideas!!! This is the one I chose and I'll share her blog
at the end of this post...

I made a banner that says "summer". Here's the letters...

Then I made envelopes with the days of the week on them.
I wrote activities on cards that we want to do each week.
I put the activity cards, I want to do each day, into the day
of the week envelope and then clipped them to the banner.
And the girls get to take them out each morning to see what
we're doing that day. This way I can change it up if I need to.
Like this week, we were going to have a play date and they had
to cancel. So, I just changed the card with another one & they
never knew the diff!! I also can put in several cards at a time, if
we are doing several things that day. I also put in things that
need to get done. Yesterday, for example, I put in "clean up" &
"play dough". We needed to clean up their room & I put that with
something fun. I thought maybe they wouldn't be that interest or
excited, but I was wrong. They were so excited!!!

This is before I distressed them :)

Here's the envelope to hold all the activities.

Here are a few ideas for cards & the blog of the mom
I got this idea from. Her banner is much cuter, but I made
mine in a night, upcycled card board & my kids helped :)
They don't have to be that creative or off the wall. They can
be skills you want your kids to learn or stuff that needs to
get done around the house or fun family days.

Summer activity ideas:
(Here's what I have for this week): clean up, play dough (make &
play), the fair, Dr's appt, laundry, playdate, gardening, pack for
our trip.
More ideas: write a letter, nature day, treasure hunt, kids choice,
ice cream party, bike ride, park, beach, acts of kindness, something
new, zoo, museum, easy bake, make overs (I have girls), science day,
organize, music day, movies (Regal theaters has free family days,
go to their website to find out when & where), fishing, having friends
over, day with grandma (ours' live close), game day, craft day,
friends scrapbooking day, lunch with daddy, school day, tea party, library
(story day), water park, name just a few.
The ones like nature day, treasure hunt, acts of kindness, science day,
game day, craft day...basically they are themed days. For instance,
nature day, we will be learning about, going out in, looking up, reading
about...nature. Game day & acts of kindness are gonna be my faves :)

Here's the blog & her great ideas...
Secrets of a Super Mommy

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