Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our camping trip...

We went camping last weekend at San Onofre State Park on the
San Mateo site. It was fun to get away and have some chill time!
We took Hannah out of school early to beat the traffic and had
a great little drive up there.
One of the funny things was that we heard machine gun fire and
big gun booms all day. It's right on the border of Camp Pendelton.
In my next post, I will give you some tips for camping and have
pictures of how we do it. I feel like we have a pretty great system
and have some great tips to help you have a wonderful camping
experience. So, look for that post next :)
Here are some pictures of our fun little weekend...

We went on a little hike and while we were gone, evil squirrels
ate my home-made gluten free mad!!!!

View of the valley where we were camping

This was our dessert on Friday night. I found these in the dollar
bins at Target. Other wise they're like $4 a piece if you buy
it at your regular grocery store. The girls had never seen Jiffy Pop
before...they thought it was sooooo cool! :)

Kenz & I making lunch. I look pretty jacked when we camp :)
It's a make up free weekend.

We took the girls to the Beach on Saturday to get some energy out.
It was cold!! But, they had a great time anyway. Remember when
you were a kid??? Would stay in the water until you got hypothermia :)

Played lots of games together

Sidewalk chalk is a must...if there is pavement!!! We didn't bring any
with us and went to a store and bought some.
Needed to keep them busy!!

And of course....S'MORES!!! I make gluten free graham crackers for this,
because it's one of my faves!!! And my grahams are delish!!

And last, but not of my favorite things about camping...
staring at the fire. So relaxing!!! and I love the smell

And don't forget to check my next post for camping tips & tricks!!

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