Monday, June 21, 2010

Some fun with the girls...

Just wanted to share some fun times with my girlies!
School is now out for summer and I'm looking forward
to having lots of fun with them...starting tomorrow :) camping tips post is coming soon. I've been
waiting to do it when we have all of our stuff out to take
pictures. So, our next camping trip is in two weeks, so
I'll post it next week sometime!!

Breakfast for dinner :)
One of our favorites!!

Kenz didn't want her pic taken :}

Hannah's class took a trip to the zoo.
It was a fun day, but a bit hot!!

We love the Meerkats!!!

For some reason, I'm really loving these
vultures!! They have such character,
especially when the walk funny!

The new elephant exhibit is awesome!!

Love me some zebras!!

Do you see the cute!

See that baby...even cuter!!!

Another cute baby!! I could watch the
giraffes forever!! Love them!

Kenz is trying to master the hula hoop!
She's getting better everyday!

Hannah is amazing!! She could do it for
hours. Her mommy can't even hula hoop!
Maybe she can teach me this summer :)

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  1. Breakfast for dinner is one of our favorites too! :) You've got some lovely girls there -- they're too cute!

    Thanks so much for stopping and the sweet comments!