Thursday, September 9, 2010

First Day Of School...

My oldest daughter started 3rd grade Tuesday!
I can't believe she's so big!! And my baby had
her first day of Kindergarten! While I'm excited
about the prospects of having 6 hours to myself,
I didn't realize how quiet our house would be. Ok,
well you get what you ask for, I guess :) I've been
really needing a break & begging for some alone
time. Well, I've got it now!
My husband and I dropped them off & I had
tea with friends, picked up a prescription, washed
dishes, swept & mopped the floor, cleaned the stove,
cleaned out their "hair-stuff" drawer, had some
worship time, and did a load of laundry. Most likely,
I won't be doing all that everyday :)
Anyway, here are the pics...

Our "ABC" pancakes! and a couple hearts too :)

Like the wraps I made for them? They picked out
the pattern & wanted them for the first day.

Like my new chalkboard sign?? I made it out
of a cabinet door sample Philip brought home
from work, paint, scrapbook paper, Modge Podge,
"Distress Ink", chalkboard paint & wire. Love it!

Walking to school...Up hill both joke :)
The street the school is on is called Hill St. A great
work out everyday :) Too bad it's only a 7 min walk!

They were getting a little tired of taking pictures :)

My sweet Kindergartener!! She had a great first day!!

Listening intently to her new teacher! She's so big!
Love my big Hannah-Boo!!
I love the first day of school! It reminds me of when
I was in school, the smells, new back packs, new
pencils & the excitement of the first day! I'm so
happy to share this time with my children!

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