Monday, September 27, 2010

Meal Planning...we'll see!

I am going to attempt to do a real schedule for our meals.
I have attempted a kind of meal planning before & never
really followed through. A few things are mega-motivating
me this time. For one, we're trying to buy a house, and
we know that when this does eventually happen we are
going to have to be on a very strict budget. Also, my
daughter's 3rd grade adventure has proven more difficult
than we thought. She has a lot of homework & we usually
don't get home until right before I need to start making
dinner. Plus, I've been wanting to cook in bulk & make
left overs for lunches & future dinners.
So, all of that said, I'm going to share my journey, more
recipes, & my menus for the week. I haven't done my baking
challenge in a while either, so I'll be resuming that too!
And remember all of my recipes are Gluten Free!!!

Here's this week: 9/26-9/30 (this week is going to be short
because I'm leaving town from Fri night to Sun night...daddy's
on his own folks!!)
Sun 9/26: Breakfast: GF pancakes, eggs, sausage & home fries.
Mon 9/27: Mini Meatball Minestra & Grilled cheese
(ala Rachel Ray...recipe Here) (I use GF pasta & GF bread crumbs
I've made from past bread failures & almond flour)
Tues 9/28: Homemade GF Pizza
Wed 9/29: Tandori Chicken & Rice w/Broccoli & GF flat bread
(recipe Here) (GF flat bread recipe Here)
Thurs 9/30: A-1 & Dijon Steak w/Broccoli Cheese Mashed potatoes
(Steak recipe Here)
Hope you all have a wonderful week & maybe try some of these recipes!!

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  1. I need to do some meal planning! p.s. I left you an award on my blog :)