Friday, January 13, 2012

New Year's Resolution...well sorta

Hey Peeps,

I have been away for a long long time! I fell off theface of the earth. Well actually I just bought a house,moved to an entirely different city, kids changed schools,we changed churches, etc. Life got super busy & our liveshave been turned upside a good way. We missSan Diego & our family & friends, but we are lovingMurrieta! It is a new adventure for my family for sure, considering they were all born & raised in San Diego (myhubby & my girls) and well, I lived there for over 20 yearsso...I was only 1 when we moved...jk...I wish!!!

So, I thought I'd renew my blog writing in the new year!I have so much to share about 2011, but I won't bore youwith all of it...just a small recap. And then on to 2012's adventures!

Here's the girls' start to school. I love the first day of school!!You like my first day of school wreath?? :)

Girls did fall ball this fall, to play catch up for missing thespring season. They did was so fun to watch! Aren'tthey cute in their uniforms!!??

Crazy hair day at know we loved this day!!You like our Halloween decor?? :)

This is Hannah playing with her crazy hair :)

Halloween...Hannah was sick, so we didn't do much.Just a little trick o treating on our street.My cotton candy & cupcake :)

A great pumpkin patch in Fallbrook our good friendsrecommended. Loved it!! It's called Lavendar Hill.

And last but not least...our sweet puppy girl. We love her so...

Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years to come. Hope you arehaving a great start to your New Year! May 2012 be a blessedNew Year!

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