Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday is Pinterest day...

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As many of you, I have a bit of a Pinterest problem! It's like going on a treasure hunt everytime. Just love it!!
So, in the interest of sharing my obsession & furthering yours, I have decided to make Wednesday Pinterest day. I will be sharing pins, boards, people I follow & pretty much anything & everything to do with pinterest.

Cakes...who doesn't love cake!!?? Well, I'm sure some of you, but mostly today, I wanted to share the beauty! I am not a big fan of super elaborate cakes, but I can appreciate the time & talent it takes to make & decorate them!! My style just tends to be simple & rustic. Mostly, I'm just looking for something I can do. I can bake like crazy, but I'm not that great in the decorating department. So, these are fairly simple, fairly doable cakes that I would love for any special occasion. I have to do one this weekend, so we'll see how that turns out! I also may try one of these for Valentine's Day. Enjoy...

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