Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pinterest Day 2

Ok, so I know Wed is Pinterest Day, but I had to share this today! I have  a little board called "Obsessed with nail art" (I'll share it another day). It's kinda crazy how popular this board pin in particular. It's a great idea from a great blog, but I'm a little baffled as to why so MANY repins. Not that I'm complaining or that it's undeserving, but whoa!
Today, I got 225 email notifications of repins...I had to turn off that part of my email settings. And each email notification can contain multiple repins in it. And I went to look at how many repins I have on that particular pin...wait for it...6377. And while I was looking that up, I got 2 more email notifications.
Now, some of you professional pinners out there, may be thinking...big deal!? But, it just seems crazy to me! Anyway, here is the big pin...enjoy!
I really do think it's a great idea & I've used it! So I guess, well deserved Chloe's Nails!!
You can click on the pic to go to chloe's nails' blog. It really is a great one! Maybe I'll share the board next week on Pinterest Day!!   ...maybe not???

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