Thursday, April 1, 2010

Challenge #9: Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls

I think this is my third try doing cinnamon rolls and I think
I’m getting closer. So here they are... Challenge #9: Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls Goal: To make delicious, soft, guey, yummy cinnamon rolls.
I wanted to make them, just like the “real” thing. Results: Let me just start by saying that they get better each
time I do them. But, they still aren’t what I want them to be.
I did forget an ingredient and only realized it when it was too
late. Anyway, that definitely would have helped these, but I did
learn some great things to do for next time!! I got this idea
from a cookbook. Because gluten free bread dough isn’t really
a dough...more like a batter...”rolling” out cinnamon rolls, like
you do with regular ones, is really tricky. If you make it so it’s
roll-able, it’s too tough and ends up being gross after a few hours.
So, how do you make cinnamon rolls with out rolling them out
and layering the filling, etc. Put them in a muffin tin....brilliant!!! The other thing I learned is to make the filling like I do monkey
bread syrup. The book suggested putting some butter and brown
sugar at the bottom of each muffin tin, but I didn’t really like how
it turned out. So, hopefully the next batch will be perfect! Here’s the pics:

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