Thursday, January 13, 2011

More Updating...

Here are the rest of my pictures from October, November
& December...

I made my first gluten free cake pops. I made ghosts &
mummies. They turned out pretty cute...and they were

Mackenzie's class had their alphabet party and
it was so fun to see her in action!!

Hannah helped me with the Thanksgiving prep.
We made pumpkin pies & then GF pop tarts for
breakfast. They were ridiculously good!!! I'll have
to do a tutorial good!

Here are the pictures that we took on the fly
for our annual Christmas pictures/cards. They turned
out pretty good considering I was running back &
forth for the family ones :)

Ok, so I think that's it for now. January has been
pretty uneventful so far. The girls are back in the
swing of school. Hannah has her first major report,
on the Shawnee Indian tribe...lots and lots of work!!!
Mackenzie is loving Kindergarten & is going gang-busters
in reading. It's always such an amazing thing to watch
your kiddos learn to read!!!
I'm getting back to real life too & working hard to get back
into shape...harder than I thought!! We're kinda getting into
cycling together & by ourselves. It's great exercise, especially
here in Point Loma...lots of hills :) Philip took a week off
between Christmas & New Years...and it was great!! I miss
having him around all the time!!
Anyway, I hope your New Year is going great so far & that
this year brings love, happiness, surprises, joy, laughter, &
many many blessings!!!
Happy New Year!!!

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