Monday, April 5, 2010

Challenge #10: The gluten free Muffin!!

I attempted the muffin again!! And man did I do it!!! Check it out!!
Challenge #10: The gluten free muffin
Goal: To make a great, soft, fluffy, delicious gluten free muffin
Result: YAY!!!!!!! I did it!!!! This muffin is so stinkin' delicious!!! I would
have to say that this muffin can rival the buttermilk spice muffin from Mimi's.
(My favorite muffin, but can't eat it anymore) Anyway, these are carrot
spice and boy were they delicious! My whole family gobbled them up!
These fluffed up nicely, but were moist and sweet and just plain delish!!!
These are very healthy too...I used agave & honey instead of sugar and
coconut oil instead of butter or shortening.
I had to put these in my webshop so I could share these with everybody!!
Yum Yum Yummy!!

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