Wednesday, April 21, 2010


This year we put Hannah in softball. 
We love helping out and being a part 
of the team, but my favorite part is 
watching her play!! I am so proud of 
her and she's getting better all the 
time. She is having lots of fun getting 
to know new friends, learning new 
positions, but her favorites are hitting 
and catching. She's played catcher a 
few times and is doing really well. 
I think it's a good position for her 
because she has something to do the 
whole time.I never thought I would 
be one of those annoying parents 
who scream from the stands, but alas, 
I am! And I love it! I can't explain the 
feeling of watching your child play! 
It's a pride I haven't felt before. 
Mackenzie is ready to play next year!!!
Go Purple Panthers!!!

This is a cheer they do before every 
game. So cute!!!

That night the Padres were having a 
girls' softball night and all the girls got 
to walk on the field. Super cool!!!

Here they are on the jumbo-tron!! 

They were more than excited!!

See the pink backpack!! NICE!

And they won!!! YAY!! 
It was a great game!!

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