Friday, April 16, 2010

My good friend and his AMAZING music!!!

This is my good friend Jordan Frye. He does worship at
our church and he's an amazing worship leader!! He's
also a great song writer and has a new EP out that I
wanted to share with everybody. He's also in the band
"Urban Rescue." They do some great worship stuff as
well as original music. So, please go check him out!!!
His music is playing on my bloggy blog and if you don't
hear it, you can click on the player below to play his
tunes! Urban Rescue's Ep is there too. I've had the
privilege to do some music with him and I feel so
blessed to have a friend like Jordan!!!
His fiancee is the bomb too!! Love you Kat!!
Go buy his EP!!!!!

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  1. Cute Blog, girl : ) Love it! I'm following you now!